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Why write in a coworking space?

The Lexington Writer's Room was created because we know that it matters who we hang around with. But you might be wondering is working IN a coworking space is right for you. Do you think:

  • I could never write in a room with other people.

  • I like my home office.

  • I'll be distracted by others.

  • Their coffee won't be as good as mine.

All these points are valid and surely true for some of us, some of the time. And yet...and YET...we think you should give coworking a try because:

  • You will write more if you come to your coworking office regularly.

  • You'll get to know other writers and learn from them.

  • A coworking space can support your accountability goals. We dare you to sit in a coworking space for eight hours and fail to get some good writing done. Double dare you!

  • When you invest in your craft and treat it like a business, your work will reflect your professionalism and commitment. It will have more heft.

A coworking space can also provide you with the structure you need to build effective work habits. This is important because writing is both a passion and a job for serious writers like LWR members.

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