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New Wish Lists

We're thankful for the support we've received from people who heard news about the fire that forced us to move from our beloved location on Second Street. We lost most of our contents ("contents" seems inadequate to describe our special workspace) but know we can and will re-create an inspiring space for our writer members.

We've created two wish lists to help you help us move into our new location at 343 E. High Street (the old Common Grounds Coffee Shop). Please share this post with pals who might be doing some spring cleaning or are in the furniture business. :-)

You'll find our goods donation wish list here and our Amazon wishlist here.

If you have something you think might be a good fit for our new space, let us know by emailing us at Please also send a picture of the item(s) so we can determine if the piece will fit into our space. Many standard desks will be larger than we can accommodate in our coworking space, for example. Here some pictures of our space (before the fire) to give you a sense for our set up. We have lots of desks and desk chairs, and comfortable chairs and side tables sprinkled throughout. And plants!

Whether you're able to donate or help by sharing this with others, THANK YOU!!!

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