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THIS is the fire damage salvage process in action.

SERVPRO is removing items that they feel are potentially salvageable and will take them to a special warehouse where they will catalog and attempt to salvage each item. They have special equipment and processes that will sanitize, deodorize, and remove stains where possible. Their documentation is thorough so that our needs (and our insurance company's needs) are met. Fingers crossed that some of our stuff can be saved (it might be kind of weird if we end up with a lot of table legs, desk bases, and metal chairs with no seats - a possibility). Our six area rugs, twelve plush/comfortable chairs and two sofas are confirmed casualties, along with our books, monitors/desk lamps/other electronics, supplies, side tables, snacks/coffee/teas, most artwork, some plants, funky lockers (likely?), and appliances (microwave, fridge, coffee maker, kettle) . Once we know the fully list, we'll be sharing the items we'll need to replace and seek input on creative solutions! Personally (this is Lisa), I miss the gold/orange velvet chairs and green shag carpet because they made me smile. We will find replacements with the same super vibe, no doubt. And we look forward to working again with the amazing partners who helped us set up our space including The Standing Desk Company, The Domestic, Dizzy Age Vintage, University of Kentucky Surplus Property, Wicked Lumber Co, Starship Tea Company, Nate's Coffee, and Pieratt's Inc. Onward!

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