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Please join us in congratulating LWR member journalist Sarah Baird on the launch of her news publication called The Goldenrod, which covers "the vibrant—but currently underserved—small towns, hamlets and communities of Central and Eastern Kentucky." Sarah is a seasoned journalist and one of 12 global winners selected by the Substack Local Program. Check out The Goldenrod and consider subscribing! https://thegoldenrod.substack.com/p/announcement

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As a nonprofit organization, we use a variety of fundraising tools to help manifest our mission. We're happy to share a FUN and FASHIONABLE way you can support what we do. T-SHIRTS! They're available in several styles and colors, and a portion of every purchase comes back to the nonprofit. Check out the options here. We've gotten ours and can confirm they're super comfy and gorgeous! https://www.bonfire.com/lexington-writers-room/

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Are you a fully-vaccinated Lexington-area writer? If so, we hope you'll join us on June 12th at the Lexington Writer's Room. The write-in is scheduled from 9:30am-5:00pm, but you can

come and go as you like. There's no cost to participate in the write-in.

Work in one of our quieter rooms and/or join one of the word sprints that might be occurring in the salon. Please RSVP to help us plan at info@lexwritersroom.org.

It’ll be a day focused on making lovely sentences! Hope to see you there.

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